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KAMMS Women's Boutique

Who is KAMMS?

When Kaylee, Abby, Mallory, Makenna, and Sarah heard their parents were going to build a gun store, they hijacked a portion of the building to add a women’s boutique. With 5 sisters contributing their fashion sense, we have something for everyone.


I’m still big red Just kidding. I’m Kaylee. But when we talked about doing introductions, all I could hear was “ROLL CALL”. If you know, you know. I’m turning 30 this year (🥴), I had my 3rd baby at the end of June, I’m the oldest blood sister of KAMMS, I overshare to bond, I’m an introvert but recently found how life-changing anxiety medicine is- shout out to Zoloft! (Mental health matters) 😂 🙌, I just celebrated my NINE-year wedding anniversary with my husband. We went to Wednesday night church, each did our workouts, and then ate ice cream in bed watching The Bachelorette with our baby snoozing between us 🧡. My role at KAMMS is buying and styling (I pick the inventory and then everyone else buys an extra for themselves 😂), so far, I do most of the social media, and I’ll be in store as much as I can, but not allll the time because I am a stay at home mom first ❤ I am insanely excited to start this new chapter and bring you all along with us!


I am the A to KAMMS and the youngest at 20 years old. Most call me Abby, but the special few calls me Abby-Lou or Abby Normal (anyone know Young Frankenstein?) I have a Great Pyrenees named Bailey who thinks the world revolves around her and a new puppy, Brynlee. I am an absolute night owl who does not like caffeine, so mornings can be very hard 🥴 And my favorite hobby is holding any one of my many nieces and nephews for nap time 💤 You may see me on the Base Outfitters side more often because it’s my job to keep the guys in line, but I’ll be around. Come find me, and we can practice our shot after you shop ☺️


My name is Makenna, one of the Ms and the most talented member of KAMMS 😜 I just got married this year to my best friend and we live in a small house with our big dog Hank and new puppy, Teddy. I love everything artistic and will talk your ear off about art history or any medias (I’ve tried almost all the classical styles). I will be the member of KAMMS that you’ll see the most of at the boutique. I’ll be in charge of product inventory, management, and running sales. So, basically all the paperwork 🥱😂 I can’t wait to start this adventure with my fashion motivated sisters! Come and say hi when we open and I’ll help you pick some amazing stuff ☺️


I am Mallory. The one modeling most of the clothes you’ve seen so far 😄 I am the first one to open boxes and get to look at all the new arrivals. I’ll be celebrating three amazing years with my husband soon. And I’ll be the hardest one to catch in store because I work a full-time job as a Speech Pathologist but I’ll be helping Kaylee with all the fun stuff 😂


My name is Sarah and I am the sister-in-law of the group. I’ve been married into the family for 9 years and we have 4 wonderful children 👧👧👦👶. You can normally find my tribe and I somewhere outside looking at animals or exploring some land. Besides spending my days chasing littles ones, I enjoy a sip of Coke while I work on a bible study 📔. I’m a farm girl at heart so I love summer and dread the colder months. My role at the boutique is selecting our Christian apparel and running errands. I’m also the one they call when they need the big problems solved.

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