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A perfect Training tool!

The Shooting Simulator—here at Base Outfitters, is the perfect training tool that can be used for…..

FUN -for the entire family, great date night, bachelor/ bachelorette party/ team building for work and the Zombies are always good for a laugh. With well over 100 different activities to choose from.

SAFE- There are never any live ammunition in this room, the Glock pistols are only plastic simulations of the guns.

FIRST TIME SHOOTERS- Not comfortable with a gun, no problem this system is a perfect introduction to guns. It’s perfect for first time shooters of all ages. Come try out the simulator before going onto the live fire range. We have two sizes of Glocks and an AR15

2 Glock 17”s  These are not real guns just functional simulated guns but you can eject the magazine and reload, these guns have a realistic trigger pull just without the kick of live fire

2 Glock 19’s

AR15   This is a real gun but it is loaded with a Mantis system cartridge.

MantisX is a data-driven approach to mastery.  While attached to ANY firearm (pistol, rifle, or shotgun), it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve shooting accuracy.

PERFECTING YOUR ACCURACY-   Work on your grip, shot, stance, grouping, speed, and accuracy with the moving targets. We also have holsters that clip into your waistband so you can practice your draw.  Mantisx is also a perfect way to make improvements.  We have many scenarios that are for the expert competition levels.

DECISION MAKING SKILLS-.We have real life situations that play out in front of you. These are the same interactive videos that are used in police and security training. We have more than 30 different scenarios including dangerous people in a parking lot to people inside your home. These are shoot don’t shoot situations that are designed to help you make you feel more confident in the ability to get out of a scary situation or protect yourself if absolutely needed.  The goal of these are to teach you not to panic and begin to train your brain how to quickly assess a situation to see what level of threat it is to you or others around you and if action needs to be taken or not

INSTRUCTOR LED TRAINING- We will be happy to set up individual training for one person up to 10 people.  Our instructors will start at the level you are on, including first time shooters as well as police and security teams.

  • Fun group challenges
  • Safe & smart decision making
  • How to assess a threat
  • How to properly use your firearm
  • When to shoot and when not to shoot

What kinds of things does the shooting simulator offer?

  • Cartoon like versions where you shoot carnival games or battleships.
  • Go on a safari hunt for balloon animals that pop when you shoot them.
  • Do you have a conceal and carry purse? bring it in and see how fast you can access it in a real threat.
  • Real life scenarios including life or death situations that can play out differently each time, to keep you on your toes.
  • Zombies roam an old hotel and attempt to ruin a wedding, they must be stopped!

       Let us help you plan your event

  • Date nights *Birthday Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Work events                          
  • Team building
  • Security Team Training
  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Youth Groups
  • Individual training also available by the hour with an Instructor- $100 + cost of simulator

Laser Shooting Simulator

Just for fun or serious training - this system can do it all

      30 Min- Up to 2 people $25     additional people $5 each 

        60 min- up to 2 people $50     Additional people $10 each

*  Personal instructor can be added

* AR15 can be added to package for $20         

* Contact us for package pricing on large groups or events

* Classroom Ask us about renting our classroom for your event.

can be rented in conjunction with our simulator or live fire range for  team meetings, parties or gatherings

Classroom is 15 ft x 30 ft and equipped with a large screen tv, 6ft table and 10 smaller tables that seat

2 to 3 people.

Ask us about renting our classroom for your upcoming events.

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