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FFL Transfer

Base Outfitters and Range LLC is happy to provide FFL Transfer Services to our customers.  Transferring a firearm to us is simple. Here is a quick guide to help you through the FFL Transfer process.

Purchase from FFL/SOT Dealers:  Once you make the purchase, advise the FFL dealer to go to the Base Outfitters and Range LLC website.  Use the following link, INSERT LINK.  Follow the instructions on this link.  (LINK SHOULD BE AN EMAIL SUBMISSION TO and AND SHOULD HAVE A PRE-FILLED SUBJECT OF “FFL TRANSFER”.  IT SHOULD ALSO TELL THEM TO SEND US A COPY OF THEIR FFL AND SOT AND REQUEST OURS FOR THE TRANSFER).

Non-Dealer/Individuals:  We do not accept transfers from private individuals.  We do not do person to person transfers they are not required by Missouri law so we will not accommodate them.

No Face-to-Face Transfers:  We do not accept walk-in transfers.  All transfers must come through the normal means of delivery, shipped from the FFL with all paperwork in the box.  Missing paperwork will result in the gun being sent back to the FFL.

NFA Transfers:  Base Outfitters and Range LLC is a class III Dealer.  Follow the above instructions for purchases from FFL/SOT Dealers. Attach the SOT as well as the FFL.


Members: $25 for 1 firearm, then $5 for each additional firearm.  For NFA items the Member transfer fee is $100 per item. 

Non-members: $40 for 1 firearm, then $10 for each additional firearm. For NFA items the Non-member transfer fee is $175 per item.

If you receive a denied response from NICS, there will still be a transfer fee.  Your firearm will not be sent back to it’s original FFL dealer until all fees have been paid.  You will also need to coordinate with the FFL originator to send us a shipping label to use for the return.  The refund will be between you and the FFL dealer.

Delivery notification does not mean your gun is ready to pick up.  We will contact you when it is in and ready to be picked up.  Times vary depending on demand. 

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